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‘GABRIELA Youth is a Front of the Terrorist Group’ Liza Soberano, Pinangaralan ni Malacañang Official Usec. Badoy!

Nitong nagdaang araw ay nagbigay ng talumpati si ABS-CBN star Liza Soberano sa webinar na inorganisa ng Gabriela Youth, isang leftist organization.

Hindi tuloy napigilan ng opisyal ng Malacañang na magbigay reaksyon sa naging hakbang ni Soberano. Banat ni Presidential Communication Operations Office (PCOO) Undersecretary Lorraine Badoy, ‘alam ba ni Soberano ang pinasok nito?’. Ayon kay Usec. Badoy, ang Gabriela Youth daw ay isa sa mga front ng terror group na Communist Party of the Philippines – New People’s Army – National Democratic Front.

“Does Liza Soberano know what it is she’s gotten herself into by associating with GABRIELA Youth- a front of the terrorist group, CPP NPA NDF?
Does she know how these communist terrorist fronts work?
They didn’t say, “Liza, have a collab that’s so 2020 with us, the CPP NPA NDF.”
What these barefaced liars said was, “We’re Gabriela Youth for women’s rights. Join us!”
And most likely, the ones that said that to her were like her, girls who had no idea WHO REALLY it was they had said yes to: violent extremists who wear the mask of “child and women’s rights advocates.” but in reality care NOTHING for children and women’s rights.
And are, in fact, its WORST OFFENDERS.
Around 85-90% of our children have no idea who is behind these organizations they’ve joined.
Their leaders, on the other hand, are bona fide, card-carrying members of the CPP NPA NDF whose job is to lead our innocent children into joining their armed component, the NPA, where unbearable numbers of them have died.
To weaken government.
To install communism in our country.
And they use celebrities like Liza Soberano for the “cool” factor- to deceive even more young girls into joining Gabriela Youth and do “collabs that are so 2020” with them.
But these “collabs that are so 2020” are anachronistic mothballs of Joma Sison who wrote, “It is important to rely on the youth in a protracted revolutionary struggle.
The mobilization of the youth ensures the continuous flow of successors in the revolutionary movement”.
Sa madaling salita, ang mga anak natin ang SUPPLY ng mga hayup na yan para gawing NPA.
This is to explain this facade of a cool “collab that’s so 2020″ with a celebrity, Liza Soberano, who can reel in even more dead bodies for the CPP NPA NDF by way of Gabriela Youth to fuel this terrorist war that has torn our country in 10 million different ways for 52 years now.
Liza, you don’t believe me, right?
Ask GABRIELA Representative Arlene Brosas and the leaders of Gabriela Youth easy, no-brainer questions that ANY Filipino will resoundingly answer YES to in a heartbeat, without hesitation:
Will they denounce the THOUSANDS of sexual molestation/RAPE done on boys and girls by the CPP NPA NDF?
Will they denounce the recruitment of our college kids into the NPA by the CPP NPA NDF?
Will they denounce the violent deaths our children suffered while fighting government as members of the terrorist NPA (the armed component of the CPP NPA NDF)?
*You know I could cry for each time I remember the lifeless bodies of countless kids lying on the mud, eyes closed forever, cradling an AK47.* 😭😭😭
You better cover your ears, Liza.
The Silence will be deafening.” pahayag ni Usec. Badoy

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