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Isko Moreno, may Bagong Pelikula! Bibida bilang Andres Bonifacio!

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno will assume the part of Andres Bonifacio in a period film to be coordinated by Erik Matti, the movie producer himself uncovered.

“We’ve chosen so numerous considerations…we chose to get Yorme Isko Moreno as our Bonifacio for this film,” Matti disclosed to CNN Philippines.

Matti clarified that the entertainer turned-lawmaker is ideal for the job given the equals he and the Filipino hero have – being both coming from Tondo, being theater entertainers, and in particular, their affection for the City of Manila.

At the point when inquired as to whether the new film may be utilized as a mission vehicle in the event that Moreno campaigns for higher position in the 2022 decisions, Matti said: “From our end, we simply need to do a film and on the off chance that he campaigns for higher position I’m there for him.”

The director said they explicitly picked Isko since he is a “man of activity.”

The film likely named “May pag-asa,” a pseudonym utilized by Bonifacio, will recount the tale of how an uprising against the Spaniards fizzled on account of Filipinos themselves.

“I think it’s crucial because Bonifacio marks the failure of a revolt against the Spaniards and we wanted to dissect that failure on why we could not unite as a country and win over the country back from its oppressor… Mainly, it is ran by a character story by Bonifacio, which we haven’t seen in most of the supremo movies, a dissection of a man who failed to win the rebellion and how it affected him as a hero… We wanted to tell a story that could be relevant for 2021…Upon looking at it, I think the divisiveness that we are having right now in the country is really what made us think that the Bonifacio movie which also was rife with divisiveness during that time they wanted to win over the Spaniards, I think those issues during that time make the whole film relevant to us nowadays,” Matti explained.

Source: CNN Philippines

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