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‘Bigyan niyo ako ng Pagkakataon’ Pacquiao, Umapela sa Opposition Figure!

Umapela si Seandor Manny Pacquiao kay former Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio para bigyan siya ng pagkakataon na patunayan ang sarili.

Magugunita na hindi napipisil ni Carpio si Pacquiao dahil sa pagiging parating absent nito. Hindi rin daw competent si Pacquiao

“As congressman, Pacquiao was the No. 1 absentee, he was the topnotcher in absences in Congress. As senator, he again topped, he was No. 1 in absences… So that basic qualification — competence — is not there… Manny Pacquiao may have a good heart and we know that. But running a country of 110 million population requires competence. We should understand that we have to look for a leader who has competence, who can revive the economy, who can generate employment for the people, who can solve this pandemic… We cannot have a president who is absent. When there is a task you cannot be absent… He has supported the war on drugs and he has stated that in the Senate. He is also for the death penalty although he quotes the Bible. So, It will be difficult for us to consider him,” boladas ni Carpio.

Source: Daily Tribune

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