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Drilon Gustong Bumigay ang Pilipinas sa Komunista, banat ng Former Ambassador

Hindi nagustuhan ng kolumnista at dating ambassador na si Rigoberto Tiglao ang panukalang batas na inihain ni opposition senator Frank Drilon.

Magugunita na gustong gawin krimen ni Drilon ang red-tagging. Sa pamamagitan ng kaniyang panukalang batas,maaaring makulong hanggang 10-taon ang magkakasala ng red-tagging.

Sa artikulo ni Tiglao sa Manila Times na may pamagat na “Drilon wants govt to capitulate to communists”, kinuwestiyon nito ang hakbang ni Drilon.

“PERHAPS the pandemic lockdowns have gone to Sen. Franklin Drilon’s head or he has applied for membership with the Communist Party of the Philippines, but the bill he filed last week at the Senate just boggles the mind… The bill is in effect saying the military and the police can no longer accuse as enemies of the state Sison or any New People’s Army Kumander Che or Kumander Procopio, who openly call all for the violent overthrow of government or who may have been arrested after losing a firefight with the military. Anyone who does would be tried in court, and the penalty, if found guilty under the “Drilon Law,” would be imprisonment for 10 years and permanent ban from ever holding public office. Drilon deliberately chose that length of imprisonment as penalty, since that means that someone accused of that “crime” can’t be bailed out.,” banat ni Tiglao.

Naniniwala din ang dating high-ranking NPA officer na lalakas ang mga rebeldeng komunista kung gagawing krimen ang red-tagging.

“It is their way of radicalizing the people from various sectors: education, church, opposition, media and the sorts. It is also their way of infiltrating these institutions for recruitment purposes… If there is one act that Drilon can do that will benefit the Filipinos, it is to criminalize the recruitment of minors into leftist groups and the CPP-NPA that are being done by activists… It is not red-tagging. The government is just correctly identifying them. The government is informing the community regarding the deception of the CPP and its armed wing, the NPA,,” paliwanag ni Jeffrey “Ka Eric” Celiz.

Source: Manila Times | Archive | PNA

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