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Filipinos are saying, it is OK to kill – Rappler CEO Maria Ressa

Sa panayam ni Rappler Chief Executive Officer Maria Ressa kay Stephen Sackur ng BBC HardTalk, binoladas niya kung paano namamanipula umano ng social media ang kamalayan ng mga Pilipino.

Sa isang punto ng interview ay binigyan diin naman ni Sackur ang mataas na antas na nakukuha ni Pangulong Rodrigo Roa Duterte sa mga surveys.

“If one looks at Duterte‚Äôs approval rating, it is consistently above 80% APPROVAL. The kind of figure other leaders around the world could only dream of. The Filipino public are well aware of what he is doing,” sabi ni Sackur.

Patutsada naman ni Ressa ay dahil daw ito sa propaganda.

Isa sa mga sinabi pa ni Ressa ay payag daw ang mga Pilipino na pumatay.

“What we are seeing now it the growth of fascism all around the world. This is scary for me here in the Philippines. Because we are one of the signatories for the UN declaration of Human Rights, and yet, I see Filipinos are saying, ‘it’s ok to kill’,” boladas ni Ressa.

Narito naman po ang reaksyon ng kapwa mamamahayag ni Ressa na si Manila Times columnist Bobi Tiglao.


After i watched BBC Shackur’s interview with her, I’m convinced Ms Ressa, with due respect, is insane, which is a mental situation when one’s views of things is totally different from reality.

Perhaps she has flipped with her conviction for libel, and very few in local media, except that bogus NUJP a communist front NGOs like the CMFR (also funded by a CIA-linked foundation) has defended her.

She is not lying now, but has along the way, convinced herself totally that her lies are now the truth. “ sabi ni Tiglao.

Source: Hardtalk via YT | Bobi Tiglao

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