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Kulong! Galamay ni Joma Sison, Arestado ng mga Alagad ng Batas! – Usec. Badoy

Sa kaniyang social media account, ibinunyag ni National Task-Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC) official Lorraine Badoy ang pagkatao ni Chad Booc, isa sa mga inaresto ng otoridad dahil sa kasong kidnapping.

Sino si Chad Booc na isa sa mga sinampahan ng kaso na KIDNAPPING at SERIOUS ILLEGAL DETENTION ng mga magulang ng 19 na menor na Manobo na dinala sa Cebu mula Talaingod sa Davao na WALANG PAHINTULOT o CONSENT ng mga magulang nito?
Sino tong HAYUP na to?
Sagot ni Ka Eric:
Chad Booc?
He is no hero volunteer for the indigenous people of Mindanao. Booc is in fact deployed purposely and deliberately as a full-time CPP cadre operative to do ‘legal institution’ work for the cpp-npa-ndf in the MISFI alternative Lumad or IP schools, in order to unify and implement the cpp-npa-ndf program of expansion, recovery and consolidation among various IP communities in Mindanao.
Booc has consistently been an underground recruiter and operator for the cpp-npa-ndf even during his student days in UP Diliman, where he was part of the CPP Party Branch unit in College of Engineering.
His operations included recruitment of young students, some are minors to become part of the CPP and NDF affiliated organization for the youth and students which supports the armed and terroristic activities of the cpp-npa-ndf – – the organization of KABATAANG MAKABAYAN or KM.
BOOC continues with his nefarious and terroristic activities in Mindanao, by being part of the core cadre operatives of the cpp-npa-ndf who were deployed to provide directional leadership to cpp-created so called MISFI Institution, where the cpp-npa-ndf fund raising, resource generation, recruitment for the NPA, among other activities, have been concealed through their so called ‘alternative Lumad schools project,’ like ALCADEV, SALUGPUNGAN, etc..
Clearly, Chad Booc is the embodiment of the operational doctrine of the cpp-npa-ndf, known as ‘revolutionary dual tactics’, where they are able to circumvent and exploit our laws and legal system, to their advantage, just like the duplicitous and deceptive schemes of mafia-like operations of CPP Partylists, led by Zarate, Elago, et al. This dubious CPP-NPA-NDF operative Chad Booc must be exposed to the public, so that their evil deeds against the IPs in Mindanao, especially against the IP youth and children, must be put to a stop, and the bar of justice shall bear upon them.
-SENTRONG ALYANSA NG MGA MAMAMAYAN PARA SA BAYAN – SAMBAYANAN, an advocacy and campaign center and lead organization of former cpp-npa-ndf cadres, operatives and functionaries who have collectively bonded together to help and support the government in its peace, security and development programs, and to put a decisive end on the scourge of communist terrorism being perpetrated by the cpp-npa-ndf and their collaborators and conspirators against the Filipino people.

Source: NTF-ELCAC Official Lorraine Badoy

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