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“Nabuo lang ang Career ni Pacquiao dahil sa Pangalan ko” – Mayweather

Sa isang social media post, bumoladas si Floyd Mayweather Jr. laban kay Pambansang Kamao at Senador Manny Pacquiao. Ayon sa undefeated American Boxer, nabuo lang daw ni Pacquiao ang career nito dahil sa paggamit sa pangalan niya.

“I find it real ironic how every time Pacquiao’s name is brought up in the media, my name is always attached to it. This man’s entire legacy and career has been built off its association with my name and it’s about time you all stop using my brand for clout chasing and clickbait and let that man’s name hold weight of its own. For years, all you heard was that ” Floyd is afraid of Manny Pacquiao”. But what’s funny is, when we finally fought, I won so easily that everyone had to eat their words! All of the so called boxing experts, critics and jealous American “fan base” either went mute and ran for cover or made every excuse in the world as to why I should give Manny Pacquiao a rematch,” patutsada ni Mayweather.

Hindi naman nagpatinag si Pacquiao sa banat ni Mayweather at agad binuweltahan ang Amerikanong boksingero. Kinuwestiyon din ni Pacquiao ang pagpunta ni Mayweather sa kanyang laban kay Keith Thurman. Kasabay nito ay hinamon din niya si Mayweather ng rematch.

“You come to my fight and then use my name in a post but I’m the one that is trying to stay relevant? 🤔 if you want to be relevant again… #MayPac2,” resbak naman ni Pacquiao.

Magugunita na personal na nanood din si Mayweather sa laban ni Pacquiao laban kay Adrian Broner noong Enero ngayong taon. Sa naturang laban, nagwagi si Pacquiao.

Sinabi na dati ni Senador Pacquiao na bukas siya na makaharap muli si Mayweather sa boxing ring. Habang ang American boxer naman ay nagsabi noon na wala siyang interest na maka-rematch si Pacquiao.

Natalo ni Mayweather si Pacquiao sa una nilang pagtatapat noong 2015.

Source: Inquirer

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