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‘He’s Forceful and Strong!’ US Army Veteran, Bilib kay DU30!

“It’s working. And his approval ratings is through the roof, like 80 plus percent. So, people of the Philippines for the most part loves Duterte. He is getting the job done and he loves his country,”

Ganito ang naging opinyon ng Amerikanong blogger at US Army Veteran kay Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte. Ayon sa Youtube channel na “Coffee with the Goose”, hindi dadaanin ng Pangulo ang mga tao sa mga matatamis na salita.

“He is not a politician a lot like Donald Trump. He tells it like it is. He doesn’t just speak in sweet platitudes and (doesn’t) tell you things that you want to hear. That’s not how he operates. He sees things as they are and he goes from there,” sabi ng blogger.

Suportado din daw niya ang human rights pero naiintindihan niya ang anti-drugs campaign ng Presidente.

“You can scream human rights all you want. Yes, I’m in favor of human rights but these 5100 people, weight that against the number of people who actually been killed by drugs in the Philippines, it is miniscule. Duterte says, ‘it’s all about our nation and our nation’s youth being destroyed (by drugs)’. And that’s true. It’s a painful thing to say but it’s true,” dagdag ng blogger.

Para pa kay Goose, tama ang Pangulo sa mga binabanat nito sa simbahang katolika.

“Duterte is correct. The Catholic church needs to clean its house. Wehave serious problems with the Catholic church for years,” sabi pa ni Goose.

Ayon sa impormasyon sa Youtube channel ng blogger, ito daw ay United States army veteran na nagtrabaho sa media ng mahigit 30 taon.

Source: Coffee with the Goose

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