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‘I’m being Red Tagged! Please Help Us!’ Leni, Humingi ng Tulong

Bumoladas ngayon si Vice President Leni Robredo upang humingi ng tulong sa mga netizens ukol sa isyu ng red-tagging. Ayon kay Robredo, siya raw ngayon ay biktima ng red-tagging.

“It gets crazier and crazier. Now I am being red tagged??????????? None of the allegations here are true????Please help us…” kuda ni Robredo.

Paratang pa ni Robredo, fake news daw ang pag-uugnay sa kaniya sa mga rebeldeng komunista at ito ay “coordinated effort”.

Ginawa ni Robredo ang panawagan na ito sa social media matapos ungkatin ng ilang pro-government bloggers ang naging pahayag ng Communist Party of the Philippines – National Democratic Front (CPP-NPA) noong September 2020 tungkol sa hangaring pakikipagpulong kay Robredo para maging daan sa pagpapatalsik kay Pangulong Duterte.

“The NDFP, including its panel, should hold discussions with opposition parties, in particular, the Liberal Party… (communist organization should engage with Robredo as constitutional successor) to press for the resumption of the peace negotiation as a rallying point in the effort to oust Duterte… Prospects for resuming the peace negotiations after Duterte, whether he is ousted or he finishes his term, are possible and desirable… ” sabi ni National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) negotiating panel interim chairperson Julie De Lima.

Magugunita na idineklra ni Pangulong Duterte na terorista ang CPP.

“They think that they are a different breed, would like to be treated with another set of law, when as a matter of fact they are terrorists. They are terrorists because I finally declared them to be one… Why? Because I spent most of my days as President trying to figure out and connect to them on how we can arrive at a peaceful solution. Nobody wants a war. I don’t want it, especially me. They know me and I know them, and it was a good rapport while it lasted…When I became the President the story changed simply because, in the ladder of priority, the highest for me would be the security of the state. But before, in the time of politics, that’s a vote, votes are being counted. Naturally, you cultivate friendship with everybody… But there is always a time to be friendly and a time just to be firm, and I did my very best to produce something for the country, but unfortunately… nothing really happened,” paliwanag ni Pangulong Duterte.

Source: GMA | Archive | CNN Philippines | Archive | Inq

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