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‘I’m Duty-Bound to Protect Makabayan Bloc!’ Speaker Velasco, Kinastigo si Lt. Gen. Parlade!

Nakisali na rin sa isyu ng red-tagging si House Speaker Lord Allan Velasco.

Magugunita na naging sikat si Lt. General Antonio Parlade nitong mga nagdaang araw dahil sa matapang nitong pahayag laban sa mga leftist congressmen ng Makabayan Bloc.

Ang mga pahayag ni Parlade laban sa mga makakaliwang kongresista ay inalmahan ni Velasco. Banat ng speaker of the house, tungkulin daw niya na protektahan ang Makabayan Bloc.

“As Speaker of the House, I am duty-bound to protect them from potential harm due to these careless accusations so that they may carry their legal and constitutional mandate as members of Congress… General Parlade should be more circumspect and cautious in issuing statements against House members whose lives he may place at great risk and danger sans strong evidence… We may not agree with them on certain issues, but be mindful that these lawmakers are duly elected representatives of the people, and implicating them on issues that have yet to be substantiated is uncalled for… I hope he will refrain from issuing unrestrained statements that also carry serious repercussions… If he has evidence, gather them and go to court, and not to the media,” sabi ni Speaker Velasco.

Sinabi kamakailan ni Lt. General Parlade na inatasan siyamismo ni Pangulong Rodrigo Roa Duterte na durugin ang mga rebeldeng komunista.

“These things are happening now because we have a very supportive President… Sabi niya (President Duterte), ‘Kamusta ka Gen. Parlade? ‘Yung ginagawa mo mukhang nasasaktan sila doon! Tuloy-tuloy mo lang dahil tinamaan sila ng husto. Upak-upakan mo pa at ituloy-tuloy mo lang. We really want to end this insurgency. Huwag mong iwanan kahit dapang-dapa na ay apak-apakan mo pa’. That was his specific words to me,” sabi ni Lt. Gen. Parlade.

Si Parlade aymiyembro ng National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC) ang task force na tumututok sa pgpapahinto sa mga rebeldeng komunista. Ang NTF-ELCAC ay pinamumunuan ni Pangulong Duterte.

Source: GMA | Inq | DWIZ

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