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Leftist Congressman, Ayaw Dumalo sa Senate Hearing banat ni Lt. Gen. Parlade!

Sa isang social media post ay sinupalpal ni Lt. General Antono Parlade si Bayan Muna Congressman Ferdinand Gaite. Banat ng army official, ayaw na ngang humarap sa debate ang miyembro ng Makabayan Bloc at mukhang gumagawa pa raw ng paraan ang mga ito upang hindi dumalo sa senate hearing.

“TO REP GAITE: On red baiting and Anti Terror Law
Who started that red baiting and red tagging?

From the communists themselves – as a defense mechanism for people and organizations identified with reds, work with the reds, pursue objectives of the reds, talk like the reds, and yet did not want to be labeled as red. Sen Joseph McCarthy said that if you walk like a duck, talk like a duck, you must be a duck. McCarthyism was eventually defined as the act of accusing people or organizations of subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence. Hence, the red tagging. It has even the defense of these radicals every time we call them out for their involvement with Jose Ma Sison and his CPP.

The Issue is Evidence

Indeed for the longest time it was difficult for us to understand the nature of the underground movement, cause it was underground. The ducks were quacking, but we see them in different forms and in different status.
The Revolutionary Dual Tactics of the CPP entail that they operate above ground, as legal front organizations, and underground as well.

So what happens? We hear Rep Gaite quacking but we don’t see him as a duck. We hear him talk of legitimate issues but we don’t see him participate in subversive activities.
So, really evidence is important here and they have managed to really evade the law with this duplicitous nature of the CPP.

Time to Unmask Them

It’s now time to unmask them and then present evidence, once and for all, to settle this issue of red tagging. They won’t accept our challenge for debate in the open, for obvious reasons, so now let’s see if they are gong to face us in the Senate inquiry.

Incidentally, these people are now making excuses again to evade participation in the Senate inquiry called by Senator Panfilo Lacson. Representative Gaite reminds us that Senator Lacson is the main proponent of Anti Terrorsim Act. Is he implying that the Senate inquiry will be biased? I think we know where this is going. Iwas pusoy na naman ang mga ito.

Choose Your Court

Tell us what you want Representative Gaite. We can have that same inquiry in your own court if you want. In the House of Representatives or in the Quezon City Sports Complex, if you want. Remember the Forum you had where you evicted me? I was alone, and yet you did not have the balls to face me.
There were a hundred of you there, and are all quacking. Why? You wanted evidence right? Let us see if indeed we have. So, will you see us in the Senate? Congress? Or even in the QC Sports Complex? I can come alone if you want, with a truck driver to carry all our evidence. Well, maybe not all. The rest will be presented in court.”

Source: Lt. General Antono Parlade

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