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Madadaya ang Eleksyon! Mail Voting na Panukala ng COMELEC Official, Pinalagan ni Senate President Sotto!

Pinalagan agad ni Senate President Tito Sotto ang suhestiyon ng Commission on Election (COMELEC) na magsagawa ng mail voting sa 2022 elections. Ayon kay Sotto, ang naturang sistema ay madaling madaya. Kinuwestiyon din ng seandor ang proseso.

“I’m not in favor. It’s the easiest system of voting to cheat. SInong tatanggap? Nationwide? Saan ipapadala, sa post office? Kailan bibilangin? SInong magbibilang? Paano kung may mag-leak ng results wether true or fake? Any of those procedures can be cheated!” sabi ni Senate President Sotto.

Magugunita na iminunkahi ni COMELEC commissioner Rowena Guanzon ang mail in voting para sa mga senior citizens at mga person with disability (PWD).

“Look at US (United States) and Korea’s Elections. Their mail voting works… More PWDs elderly, pregnant women can vote if by mail… Early voting and expanded local absentee voting can work. We have Local Absentee (Voting) Law. Voting for law enforcers, AFP, teachers, media on duty on Election Day can vote early, and votes counted on Election Day,” boladas ni Guanzon.

“In fact, ang postal voting or mail-in voting, we do that for overseas voting. Comelec just wants to widen this include domestic voting… Perhaps we should first identify particular voters. For example, senior citizens or persons with disability who can use mail-in voting,” COMELEC Spokesperson James Jimenez.

Alam niyo ba na ang mail voting ay inalmahan ng mga kaalyado ni US President Donald Trump?

“Democrats around the country are attempting to force last-minute changes to election laws and expand universal mail-in voting procedures, under the guise of public health and safety… In other words, Democrats are aiming to steal the election — after the election… Democrats want to use mail-in ballots to steal election and deny Trump second term,” sabi ni Represeantative James Comer.

Source: News5 | One News | Philstar | Manila Bulletin | FOX News | Representative Jim Jordan

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