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Madreng Aktibista, Nanawagan na Labanan ang Anti-Terror Law!

Sa video na inilathala ng Facebook page na Kabos, maririnig ang madre na si Mary John Manan zan na nanghihikayat sa mga tao na labanan ang anti-terrorism law. Ayon sa alagad ng simbahan, ang naturang batas daw ay isang uri ng pananakot sa mga tao.

“Ang tingin ko talaga, ang anti-terrorism law na ito ay tawagin natin state terrorism law. Ano bang ibig sabihin ng terrorist, ‘yung naninindak, ‘yung nananakot… kung ang law na ito ay nagte-terrify sa atin, ang fitting na pangalan niya ay state terrorism… siya mismo ang terrorist… Pag tinatapunan tayo ng gasolina dapat tayong maging fiery… Ang sabi nga natin, ‘nakibaka at huwag matakot’. Hangga’t kami ay mamamatay kami ay lalaban… So lahat po tayo ay magpatuloy nating labanan ang gustong kumitil sa demokrasya natin,” sabi ni Mananzan.

Ang Anti-Terror Law ay matatandaang sinertipikahan ni Pangulong Rodrigo Roa Duterte na gawing urgent.

Magugunita rin na noong Hunyo ay inakusahan ni Presidential Communication Operations Office Usec. Lorraine Badoy na konektado sa teroristang grupo ang nasabing madre.

“Mary John Mananzan, high ranking official of a school I admire, the St. Scholastica College, is a long-time ally of the National Democratic Front–⅓ of the unholy triumvirate of terror, the CPP NPA NDF.

She is also the emeritus chairperson of GABRIELA, an above-ground organization of the terrorist group, CPP NPA NDF, that has brought so much harm, so much death and destruction to our beloved Philippines.

A Catholic nun given a place of honor in a communist terrorist organization. Imagine that.

Rape, pillage, plunder, economic sabotage, mass murders, the destruction of our culture, the unabated blood bath of our indigenous peoples, the burning of schools, the recruitment of our children into the terrorist fold–these are some of what Mary John Mananzan aided and abetted.

And that she continues to aid and abet.

And she has, all these years, put forth the godless and vicious ideology–communism.

From someone who is supposed to be a Catholic nun.

How many Scholasticans has this wolf in sheep’s clothing harmed with her deceit and hypocrisy?

Seems to me, it is she who has brought her school shame and dishonor. Not the judge who upheld the rule of law–Judge Rainhilda Montesa– and in a landmark case, gave back the honor and dignity to a profession another Scholastican, Maria Ressa, trampled underfoot with her unprincipled and irresponsible practice of it.

And why is Mary John Mananzan sowing division and hate in a community that has given her so much respect and trust– the kind of respect and trust I think she is not worthy of?

Where did she learn this hurtful language of hate and intolerance? Why is she so good at it?

I was raised by nuns. And these were the truly progressive ones (ICM nuns of St. Theresa’s) so I know how they sound. I was one of the more notorious kids. I gave my father–and those nuns who raised me–so much grief.

And yet, they gave me nothing but kindness and love (except for a handful–and even then, it wasn’t as hateful as this statement of Mary John Mananzan.)

Makes you think, doesn’t it?” pahayag ni PCOO Usec. Badoy.

Source: KABOS | PCOO Usec. Lorraine Badoy | Archive

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