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Makabayan Bloc, Humingi ng Tulong kay US Pres. Biden!

Matapos bumoladas ang Makabayan Bloc laban sa Estados Unidos ukol sa kinasadlakan ng lagay ng demokrasiya sa Pilipinas, humihingi ngayon ng tulong si Bayan Muna Congressman Ferdinand Gaite kay United States President Joe Biden para bigyan ng pansin ang lumalalang sitwasyon ng karapatang pantao sa ilalim ng Duterte Administration.

Umaasa si Gaite na suriin ng Amerika ang suportang militar na ibinibigay sa Pilipinas

“Trump largely ignored this issue and sustained its military aid to the regime amidst issues of rights violations. We hope President Biden would support the enactment of the Philippine Human Rights Act championed last year by Democratic Rep. Susan Wild and 23 other members of the US Congress… President Biden has sworn to reverse the inhumane policies of his predecessor, we hope this would extend to his foreign policy, and the consideration of this bill remains urgent as the human rights situation in our country worsens… (there is a need for the Biden government to) immediately review the plan to sell hellfire missiles, attack helicopters, assault boats, and other armaments to the Duterte administration totaling to more than $2,000,000,000… These weapons would excessively aggravate the state of human rights in the country, and bolster the tyranny of the regime. He could go on and continue Trump’s support to the assault on human rights in the Philippines or he could abrogate these military deals and genuinely commit to the cause of human rights,” boladas ni Gaite.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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