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Malacañang, Sinupalapal at Tinawag na ‘Ignorante’ ang US Senator na Gustong I-Ban ang mga Filipino Govt Officials sa Amerika!

“We remind Senator Leahy that the Republic of the Philippines is not a vassal nor a colony of America. It is an independent state that is fiercely protective of its sovereignty and subservient to no other country,”

Rumesbak si Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo kay United States Senator Patrick Leahy.

Si Leahy at si Senator Dick Durbin ang mga Amerikanong senador na naghain ng panukala sa US Senate na pagbawalan ang mga opisyal ng Pilipinas na nagpakulong kay Senadora Leila De Lima na makapasok ng Amerika.

Buwelta ni Panelo, “ignorante” daw si Leahy pagdating sa criminal procedures ng Pilipinas.

“The good US Senator is ignorant of our procedural rules subjecting a person charged with the commission of a crime,” banat ni Panelo.

Sa panayam sa ABS-CBN, tila isinusumbat ni Leahy ang tulong pinansiyal na ibinibigay ng bansang Amerika sa Pilipinas.

“Every year, the United States provides large amounts of aid to the Philippines, and I have supported that aid. I assume President Duterte’s spokesman who defended the wrongful imprisonment of Senator De Lima does not consider our aid to be ‘interfering’ in their sovereignty… Our aid is not a blank check, and when Philippine officials abuse the justice system for the purpose of political retribution, we have a responsibility to respond,” sumbat ni Leahy.

Patutsada naman ng Palasyo, ang mga tulong pinansiyal na may kalakip na kondisyon ay hindi tatanggapin ng gobyerno.

“Giving aids or grants is not a form of sovereign interference. They are given by a state to another by reason of comity and friendship. The Philippines welcomes them. Grants or aids with attached conditions are anathema to the very purpose of such generosity and we reject them, for they cloth the donor the authority as well as the gumption to meddle into our internal affairs thereby trampling our sovereign rights,” banat pa ni Panelo.

Source: PTV | GMA News

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