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Malawakang Korapsyon sa DU30 Govt, Papatunayan ni Pacquiao!

Ayon kay Ronwald Munsayac, inihahanda na raw ng mga abogado ni Senador Manny Pacquiao ang isang presentation para patunayan ang mga akasasyon ng korapsyon.

SI Munsayac ay ang executive director ng PDP-LABAN at kabilang sa Pacquiao faction ng partido.

“One of the agendas of that meeting was to present the sensitive evidence detailing the corruption in various agencies… I believe the President is again being misinformed and misled by those around him and the numerous fake news floating around similar to when he said that the senator backed out from his upcoming fight… As you can imagine with things of this nature where lives are at stake especially for the courageous few who opted to submit the evidence and speak up on the issue. We therefore must tread very carefully,” sabi ni Munsayac.

Magugunita na sinupalpal ni Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte ang mga pinagsasabi ni Pacquiao. Pinahapyawan din ni Pangulong Duterte ang estado ng pag-iisip ni Pacquiao.

“That is the work of…I have a term for that, it is not mine, I just borrowed it, but I think Pacquiao is punch-drunk… And I leave it up to you. You have a cellphone, look for it… I think he is. To be talking about P10 billion from nowhere. Will the COA (Commission on Audit) allow it? Besides, will we allow it? Will the secretaries of departments allow such an amount to be lost? P10 billion? That is a statement coming from a guy who is…punch-drunk,” banat ni Pangulong Duterte.

Narito ang kahulugan ng salitang punch-drunk, base sa Merriam-Webster dictionary.

“suffering from brain injury from repeated blows to the head”; affected with or exhibiting chronic traumatic encephalopathy”; “dazed”; and “confused.”

Source: One News

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