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‘May Adik na ABS-CBN Official at Kinakana ang ilang Kilalang Celebrities’ – Mon Tulfo’s 2019 Column

Sa column ng mamamahayag na si Mon Tulfo sa Manila Times noong Abril 2019, sinabi nito na nakarating sa kanyang kaalaman ang mga usap-usapan na isa sa mataas na opisyal ng ABS-CBN ay nahuhumaling sa droga.

Sa artikulo nito na may pamagat na “Is ABS-CBN a drug-free workplace?”, sinulat ni Tulfo na kinakana daw ng nasabing ABS-CBN official ang ilang kilalang celebrities matapos nitong tumikim ng droga.

“But when it comes to their big stars and their executives, it is hard to believe that they are as clean as they make themselves out to be. After all, there are rumors swirling that even the highest echelons of ABS-CBN’s ranks have drug pushers among them. One of the drug addicts at ABS-CBN is a top official who, as rumors go, invites talents and established celebrities to his office where they have drug sessions as a prelude to s*x org**s. In fact, since these people are very, very rich, maintaining a regular drug habit is nothing to them. And since they hold the keys to the ABS-CBN media kingdom, it’s no surprise that people who aren’t “in the know” never hear about it,” sabi sa column ni Mr. Tulfo.

Sapul din sa nasabing column ni Tulfo ang mga artistang tumitira din daw ng ipinagbabawal na gamot. Ayon kay Tulfo, kailangan pangalanan ang mga ito at arestuhin.

“Celebrities doing drugs is practically a given, but what gets my goat is the brazenness to maneuver for special consideration. For example, Robin Padilla’s plea to leave celebrity drug users unnamed is very telling. Why should celebrities be given special treatment? They should serve as role models. Their responsibility to the people should be strictly upheld, given their fame and influence. And with the rumors going around town that some of these celebrities are also drug-pushing among their kind, the PNP and PDEA should act swiftly and decisively. The entertainment world should have no room for drug addicts and pushers. As for publicly naming them, it would be better if they were named after they had been properly arrested and charged,” dagdag pa ni Tulfo.

Source: Manila Times | Archive

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