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NPA Jevilyn, Tinaniman ng Baril ng mga Sundalo? Congressman Lagman, may Boladas tungkol sa Nangyari sa Rebeldeng KOmunista!

Para kay Congressman Edcel Lagman, tinaniman ng armas si Jevilyn Cullamat, ang nasawing miyembro ng New People’s Army (NPA) na nakipag-engkuwentro sa mga kasundaluhan. Si Jevilyn ay anak ni Bayan Muna Representative Eufemia Cullamat. Katuwiran ni Congressman Lagman, si Jevilyn daw ay siang medic at non-combatant ng NPA.

“Elements of the military whose faces have been blurred in a photograph triumphantly preening over the obviously posed lifeless body of the young rebel with a cause whom they have slain in an encounter are the terrorists of the oppressed and beleaguered indigenous peoples of Mindanao, like the long-suffering Lumad… The propaganda photo with the dead 22-year old Jevilyn Cullamat cradling a planted firearm speaks a thousand words of the terrorism and depravity of state agents, and the culpable neglect and discrimination of government which impel people to resist the errant and abusive policies of the authorities… Jevilyn was a member of the Lumad people who was identified by the military as a medic, not a combatant, in an NPA outfit… Also evidently planted was the array of assorted firearms reportedly recovered from the encounter when no one else was killed except Cullamat,” boladas ni Lagman.

Ayon sa artikulo ng Business Insider, ang mga medic sa militar sa ibang bansa ay may dalang mga armas.

“Medics are noncombatants, but they are allowed to protect themselves or their patients, and they carry weapons for this purpose. For the U.K. at least, that includes the SA80A2 rifle with an AG36 underslung grenade launcher. He also carried the Sig Sauer P226 9mm pistol, and plenty of ammo and grenades,”

Ang pagkuha ng larawan ng labi ni Jevilyn ay ginagawang isyu ngayon ng ilang grupo tulad ng Makabayan Bloc.

“The soldiers did not only disrespect her remains but even used it like a trophy for propaganda purposes.

Jevilyn’s death is a stark reminder intead to government that people continue to embrace armed struggle because of the continuous failure to address the root causes of the rebellion in our country,” kuda ng Makabayan Bloc.

Source: Manila Bulletin | Archive | Business Insider

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