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Sara Elago at mga Magulang ng ‘Nawawalang’ Kabataan, Nagkaharap na!

Nagkaharap na ang mga magulang ng mga “nawawalang” estudyanteng Anakbayan at si Kabataan partylist Representative Sarah Elago sa preliminary investigation. Ang reklamo ay inihain laban sa mga personalidad sa mga grupong Anakbayan, Kabataan Partylist at iba pang Front Organizations ng Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), the New People’s Army (NPA), and the National Democratic Front (NDF).

Sa paghaharap ng dalawang panig, bitbit ng mga magulang ang litrato ng kanilan mga anak.

Bago ang preliminary investigation nagsagawa ng rally ang iba’t-ibang prganisasyon para ipakita ang suporta kay Ginang Relissa Lucena ang ina ni Alicia. Kasama rin sa pagkilos ay ang League of Parents in the Philippines; Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption; and Citizen’s Crime Watch.

Sa Facebook page na Hands Off Our Children, nakalathala ang sinapit ng isa sa mga magulang, si Jacqueline Mendoza.

“Though Jacqueline, 39, is one of the latest faces to be added to the increasing numbers of concerned parents in fear of the leftist group’s recruitments; it already had been three years for her, carrying the burden of worrying about Pon-pon.”

On October 19, 2016, protesters stormed outside the U.S. Embassy, led by SANDUGO (an alliance of indigenous people) along with other members of the party-lists; Anakbayan and Kabataan. The group opposed the presence of U.S. troops in some of the Philippine’s provinces. The protest became unruly and turned into a riot when activists vandalized and attacked a police mobile vehicle. The police had to retaliate. As an aftermath of the chaos, both law enforcers and protesters sustained injuries within their ranks. Few of the wounded protesters were women, one of them was then only 16 years old, Queenilyn Gromeo, Pon-pon.

On the same date, as Jackie sat on the couch, watching television, she saw Pon-pon’s image lying on a hospital bed. She couldn’t hold back her emotions seeing Pon-pon in such condition, she quickly rushed towards the hospital to check on her. When she got there, members of Anakbayan-PUP stopped her from seeing her daughter; a chance fate would deny Jacqueline for a long while. She recalled the incident saying;

“Tinago siya sa amin, hindi po namin siya nakuha sa ospital, sila po ang naglabas.” (They hid her from us, we weren’t able to get her out of the hospital, they were the ones who took her out.)”

Source: Hands Off Our Children

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