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Si Duterte ay Banta sa Pilipino, sabi ni Criminal Journalist Maria Ressa

Para kay Rappler CEO Maria Ressa, banta daw sa mga Pilipino si Pangulong Rodrigo Roa Duterte. Pinatutsadahan din ni Ressa si Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

“When journalists and news organizations were the gatekeepers, we had standards and ethics, values, and we were legally liable. So we protected the facts. But what happened when technology took over is that they took the platforms and they didn’t realize (the) unintended consequences… What they did is something journalists have never done, which is to willfully manipulate people, to use neuroscience to optimize growth and engagement… We are fighting impunity in the Philippines, not just of our government that is killing people, but we’re also challenging the impunity of the platforms, Facebook in particular… ou could say that Rodrigo Duterte and (Facebook CEO) Mark Zuckerberg are on the same page as far as threats to us are concerned,” boladas ni Ressa.

Inalmahan din ni Ressa ung paano nawawalan ng kontrol ang mga mamamahayag sa kanilang mga istorya.

“Meaning has been atomized. So everything that a journalist does is torn apart into bits and pieces and then it is the algorithm of delivery platforms, of social media, that decides the context for the sentences you write, so we are no longer in charge of context or meaning. That is the problem because when you have a democracy and an algorithm that is meant to exploit your weaknesses to keep you on the platform. When that determines the context, you are really reduced to meaninglessness,” patutsada pa ng convicted journalist.

Si Ressa ay hinatulan ng guilty ng hukuman sa kasong cyber-libel na isinampa ng private citizen at businessman na si Wilfredo Keng.

Source: News5

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