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Talents ng ABS-CBN ba ang mga Bata sa Anti-DU30 Ads? – Producer Robby Tarroza!

“AGAIN, my reaction is based on FACTS! and it is a FACT, abs-cbn executives are liars and should be ashamed of themselves! Why have you guys NEVER admitted the attcks against Dutuerte using those children? aren’t those kids abs -cbn talents? President Duterte should have sued abs-cbn! and that is a FACT!”

Ganito ang naging reaksyon ng film producerna si Robby Tarroza sa paghingi ng paumanhin ng mga ABS-CBN executives kay Pangulong Rodrigo Roa Duterte sa pagpapalabas ng anti-DUterte ads ni former senator Antonio Trillanes noong 2016 election kung saan mga bata ang pinagsalita laban sa dating alkalde ng Davao..

Binatikos din ng producers ang mga talents ng Kapamilya network na dumidepensa sa istasyon. Ayon kay Tarroza, pag hindi na sila kailangan ng kumpanya ay hindi na rin sila aalagaan.

“OK so after a couple of days of intense research on FACTS of the whole ABS-CBN issue against President Duterre. why I am addressing the issue between my two parties and not the re-issuance of the broadcast franchise, is because it should be known what LIARS ABS-CBN executives are!… 1st of all, you strive on public DEMAND. which includes sympathy. But you have none in the many cases of the TALENTS you let go and cared NOTHING about their future. Many have come out recently and it is disgusting! making ME appeal to the TALENTS working under abs-cbn now, who are desperately appealing to the public to suport abs-cbn. If you TALENTS are NOT RATING, would they care about YOU? how you will pay your bills? put your children to school? NO!!! pero mga executive na yan, tuloy tulloy ang mataas na sweldo nila, with benefits, buwan buwan! with retirement pa! tama? ok…. moving right along” banat pa ni Tarroza.

Idunyukan din ni Tarroza ang mga talents na batikusin ang pagpapalabas ng anti-DUterte ads ng ABS-CBN.

“I now appeal to the artists who have been ALL OUT in support of abs-cbn. please do whats right. not vested interest acts. God knows your needs and will continue to provide. but doing what is right, is what will truly bless you. ABS-CBN is very cut-throat and will never side with you. trust me, I know this for a fact. Kapag Wala ka na silbi, tapon ka na! sabi ni Tarroza.

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