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Watch! ‘Wag ka magpayo kung wala kang alam!’ Mayor Sara, Rumesbak kay Leni

Pumalag si Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte sa mga boladas ni Vice President Leni Robredo patungkol sa kaso ng c0v1d sa Davao.

Narito ang reaksyon ng ilang kababayan natin sa banat ni Mayor Sara kay Leni.

“Mayor Sara, intelligently , gave Fvp, Leni a dose of her own medicine , she needs to learn more from a well experienced Mayor Sara Duterte in public service !! C’mon”

“There are many cities in the country but why Leni is targeting Davao City where the President’s Daughter is the Mayor. I don’t quite imagine why she’s too much insecured. 🤣 Is this the most feasible way to extinguish a political opponent from blazing flame of popularity? Is Sara a huge threat for your ambition madam?”

“VP Leni nag ABRAKADAPRA ka na nman,,, ay pahiya😍
A piece of advice VPL if you have nothing to say good about Mr. President and Mayor Sara, kindly keep your mouth and brain shut!
You know what Madam
VPL ur playing ignorant for those righteous leaders have a big heart to do properly their being servant. Ano ngayon supalpal ka uli kay Mayor Sara. You deserve”

Source: SMNI | SMNI

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