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“Walang Hiya!” Facebook, Hindi Pinapansin ang DU30 Govt?

Nitong nagdaang mga araw ay pinutakte tayo ng balita ukol sa pagtanggal ng Facebook sa mga pages at accounts na konektado umano sa militar at kapulisan.

Isa sa mga inalis ng Facebook ay ang page na “Hands Off Our Children” o HOOC. Ang HOOC ay isang advocacy group na binubuo ng mga magulang na nawalan ng anak dahil sa mga rebeldeng makakaliwa.

Nagbanta na kagabi si Pangulong Rodrigo Roa Duterte laban sa tech company dahil sa hindi nito pagtulong sa adbokasiya ng gobyerno.

Sa kanyang social media post, binunyag ni Presidential Communication Operations Office (PCOO) Usec. Lorraine Badoy na gustong makipag-usap ng Duterte Government sa social media giant pero hindi daw pinapansin ng naturang kumpanya ang hiling ng pamahalaan.

Tinawag din ni Badoy na walang hiya at ignorante si Nathaniel Gleicher, ang Head of Security Policy ng Facebook.

“In case you have no idea what the President was talking about when he mentioned Facebook-
he was talking about the disgusting takedown of FB of the page of Hands Off Our Children- a group of parents who lost their children to the deceitful recruitment of the CPP NPA NDF fronts like ANAKBAYAN, LFS, GABRIELA, KABATAAN, BAYAN MUNA, ACT (aka MAKABAYAN BLOC), CEGP, NUPL, NUJP, IBON, etc

To rub more salt into the wounds of our mothers, even their personal accounts were taken down by Nathaniel Gleicher of FB for reasons only he understands.

Maybe Gleicher’s reasons for the takedown of the HOOC page and the personal accounts of HOOC parents- and his allowing ANAKBAYAN, LFS, KABATAAN recruitment to continue inside Facebook are as weird as his belief that Maria Ressa is, and I quote from his tweet, “a fearless reporter and an inspiration.” And that the day Justice was served this criminal, Maria Ressa, was, for Gleicher, an American, “a dark, dark day for press freedom.”

Yes folks, Gleicher is shameless as he is ignorant (if we give him the benefit of the doubt). Or, worst, in cahoots with the terrorist CPP NPA NDF.

I wouldn’t really know because FB, who in the past, gave my office the courtesy of a response (within the hour)when I had concerns, has ignored my requests for a sitdown with Gleicher since last week when they took down HOOCs page.
I have met this guy and I only deal with him bec it’s my job to do so. I need to endure his endless BS and it rankles.

Having FB out of my life is such a small price to pay for freedom from white schmucks who think they know far better than we do, our own realities.

And who think this country and the lives of Filipinos are something they can play with.
So I hope they hear from the President soon.


The more important point.

This President.

Really and truly the defender of the most helpless among us.

I have had to dry the tears of mothers and fathers of HOOC these past few days who are so pained and who have felt so helpless in the face of FB’s siding with their tormentors – who, by the way, being the terrorists that they are, lost no time in insulting our mothers and calling them fake and liars.

But now I know the words of our President have fortified and comforted them and I am sure, when I see them tomorrow, they will be smiling through their tears.

THAT is my President.”

Source: PCOO Usec Badoy | Archive

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