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Watch! Senador Kiko, Hinamon ni Gen. Parlade!

Bumuelta si Lt. General Antonio Parlade kay Senador Kiko Pangilinan, matapos siyang tawagin na kahihiyan ng Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

Mr Senator Pangilinan, Im sorry but my submission of letter of resignation has nothing to do with the unconstitutionality of my designation as a Spox, while in the active military service. Non-plantilla positions are exempt from that provision. (EO signed by Pres Cory Aquino)

If you believe I am an embarassment to the AFP please ask the soldiers. Your AFP has never been more professional than now, with its trust rating flying through the roof so dont tell us about professionalism. Let’s do a survey about the Senate now and the result might just surprise yourself.

Meantime, have a look at communist-terrorists in the legislative. Parliamentary struggle is supposed to encourage your colleagues to abandon armed struggle but look what you’ve got. Six of them you rub elbows with, even as they contribute government funds to fuel further this violent struggle. Thanks to your apathy, if not your complicity. Now that is what’s ANOMALOUS, highly irregular, and definitely unconstitutional.

Source: Gen. Antonio Parlade | SMNI

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